About us.

I started my business in 1990 after working doing interior and exterior plaster for 9 years for other contractors Nicholson Lath and Plaster and Don Rudy (formally Rudy Bro’s Plastering). My wife was my first hod carrier (laborer) and the best one I’ve ever had. We mixed mud with a drill, a hoe and a wheel-barrow. We started doing small additions and patches where I learned the value of matching exactly all the existing textures that other plasterers had applied. From there we started doing larger residential projects, investing all our money into scaffolding, mixers and equipment. As our clientele base grew and we gained a reputation for good work in a timely fashion, we started doing custom homes and commercial projects. As we strive to do great work and stay current with cutting edge technology, I know we will continue to be the most dependable and trustworthy contractor in the bay area, able to take care of all the needs of our clients.