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-Continuous owner Supervision

-No Delays to your Schedule & Availability

Bryan's Plastering

We are a fully insured and bonded company that offers quality lath and plastering in the Bay Area. We apply both smooth and old world cementitious and acrylic finishes. Faux and blended colored finishes are also offered. Bryan and Patty have 25 years experience in helping both contractors and homeowners design what is best for the project at hand. In most cases we have a 24 hour plan and bid return time. We also provide OSHA approved scaffolding systems to ensure that our employees remain safe on your job site. We use the best materials on the market that consistently provide a superior product. We look forward to making the stucco phase of your next project stress and worry free!

What Bryans Plastering Can Do

Tired of your hard to maintain siding? Would you like to modernize your old stucco's appearance? Sick of flakey contractors? Worried about future integrity of your job? Bryans Plastering can plaster over old or existing wood siding. We can also plaster over your old stucco to give a new look and feel to your home. Don't forget to ask for an ornamental foam catalog. Please call to set up an appointment to view some houses from our reference sheet showing work performed by Bryans Plastering. We would enjoy the opportunity to show you our work and to visit with you to show you how Bryans Plastering can provide the look you want for your home.